Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Assisting Living Waiver

What is the Assisted Living Waiver? The ALW is a Medi-Cal program that aims to provide care and other benefits to eligible seniors or other persons with disabilities who reside in Los Angeles, Sacramento, or San Joaquin Counties.

Participants in the Assisted Living Waiver will have access to four waiver benefits:

  • Assisted Living Services - These services are called the Assisted Living Services when they’re provided in an RCFE and Assisted Care when they’re provided by a licensed Home Health Agency and delivered to residents of publicly-funded housing.

  • Care Coordination - These services include identifying, organizing, coordinating and monitoring services needed by a participant. Care Coordinators enroll clients, conduct assessments, develop Individualized Service Plans (ISPs), arrange for services, maintain contact with participants, and monitor service delivery.

  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations - This benefit provides for physical adaptations to the residence in a publicly-funded setting, as identified by the residents’ ISPs.

  • Nursing Facility Transition Care Coordination - This benefit helps transition residents from nursing facilities to the community.

Who is eligible for the ALW? To be eligible to participate in the ALW, you must be enrolled in the Medi-Cal program and be in need of the care provided by a nursing facility. If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible to choose to enroll in the ALW and receive services as an alternative to long-term placement in a nursing facility. To determine if you are eligible to participate, contact a Care Coordinator in your county.

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